1st Photo Exhibition

'Cause it's Summer, I go skinny dipping. 'Cause it's Summer, I go for the terrace seat. I don't care about getting tanned nor wrinkles. 'Cause it's Summer.

'Escaping the humid Japanese Summer'. Words that revisit me every year when I visit Scandinavia. Such remarks remain short-lived as before the month is over, in the middle of August, the cold wind of autumn draws near. Sunkissed people on the streets are suddenly wearing knits and warm scarves.

There is a classic Swedish Summer song called "Sommaren Är Kort" (Summer Is Short) which makes most Swedish people dance and genuinely feel Summer. It's like they are collecting the annual amount of sunshine in one go.

This small photo exhibition collects these short pieces of Scandinavian Summer.



スウェーデンの夏の定番ソングに、sommaren är kort 「夏は短い(だから思いっきり楽しもう)」というのがありますが、その曲の通りみんな体いっぱいに夏を感じています。まるで一年分の太陽を集めるように。



date: 5-14th October 2019/ 12:00-19:00
at KOYA / 2 Chome−21−12, Kamishakujii, Nerima, Tokyo, JAPAN
(3min walk from Kamishakujii sta.)